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music venue, restaurant, lounge
4pm-2:30am every day


Tuesday, July 22

Big Bill, Honey Bucket, Needles and Pizza

Wednesday, July 23

Warm Hands, Some Ember, Body of Light, Windows

Thursday, July 24

Friday, July 25

Disenchanted, Old Man Wizard, Black Snake, DJ Dungeonmaster

Saturday, July 26

Sunday, July 27

Bee, DJ Just Dave, Jeff James, Gulch

Monday, July 28

Laughter Birth Open Mic Comedy

New Event!

Tuesday, July 29


New Event!

Wednesday, July 30

cat hands, Sweet Tooth, Ladywolf

Thursday, July 31

Gladius, Sabateur, Warkrank

Friday, August 1


Njena Redd Foxxx, Sassy Black, Rot G Biv, Leila and Akela

Saturday, August 2

Monday, August 4

Terman Shanks, Bad Tats

Tuesday, August 5

Wednesday, August 6

Dottie Attie, Talk Sick Brats, Way to go Genious, Joe Silverking Inglorious Two

New Event!

Thursday, August 7

Red Shadows, Penny Machine, Sloppy Kisses, DJ Clovis, DJ SG

Friday, August 8

Elbo Room

Saturday, August 9

Xeno and Oakland (NEW YORK), White Hex (GERMANY), Soft Metals

Sunday, August 10

communion of thieves, Night Nurse, The Siege Fire, Satanarchist

Monday, August 11

Laughter Birth Open Mic Comedy

Thursday, August 14

The Cry, Dirty Denim (SF)

Friday, August 15


Vice Device, XDS, Smoke Rings, Draft Dodgers, DJ Maximillion, DJ Sam Ott

Saturday, August 16


Rabbits, Honduran, Diesto, Towers

Sunday, August 17

Gladius, World Of Lies, Eukaryst, Godenied

Monday, August 18

Votive, Walking Stalking Robots, Super Desu

Saturday, August 23

Devilwood, Bath Party, Cambrian Explosion, Tamed West

Sunday, August 24

Die Robot, Force Publique, Ghost Motor, Du Og Meg

Monday, August 25

Laughter Birth Open Mic Comedy

Tuesday, August 26

Shadowhouse, Infidel (BC), Lunch, Dead Cult

Thursday, August 28

Is/Is, Lubec, Fine Pets

Saturday, August 30

Old Light, Temple (Wi)

Sunday, August 31

New Event!

Monday, September 1

Sector 7, Apocolypse Now

New Event!

Tuesday, September 2

Weresquatch, Hessian, Blood of Kings, Pushy

Saturday, September 6

Sunday, September 7

Monday, September 8

Laughter Birth Open Mic Comedy

Sunday, September 14

Poikkeus (JAPAN), Deathcharge, Warcry, Reactor, Long Knife, Destroyer